Bryston Review Twofer: Mini T Based home theater in S&V and A3 in Secrets

Sound & Vision built a seriously good home theater with our Mini T, AC1 Mini, Mini As, and Mini T Sub for this month’s issue. It is so good in fact, it was awarded Top Pick status.

"These are, in short, very, very well-executed loudspeakers and finished to Bryston’s long-established high standards, speakers that will fully reveal what is on a recording for better or for worse."

Days later, we hear Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity on our smallest floorstander, the A3:

"They have a neutral sound, present music with tremendous accuracy and are capable of full range music playback."

Hi James -

Regarding Customer Support, please personally thank Mike Pickett for going “the extra mile” recently for me. Specifically, Mike went into the assembly area to check out how much clearance there is where the the B-135 stock feet mounting screw protruded into the chassis. FYI - Norm will be replacing the stock feet with the Stillpoints ULTRA 5s shortly with a different mounting screw. Mike confirmed the slightly longer (~ 1/32”) screw would not come in contact with components. Great!

As always, I appreciate the great support that I continually receive from all of the Bryston team members, especially you.

Customer Dan